Amsterdam to Budapest – The Route

Several cruise companies offer a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest (and many other cruises). The ships are often unbranded, because the same vessel can be used by more than one cruise company. The tour is offered in both directions, i.e. also from Budapest to Amsterdam.

Ports – Amsterdam to Budapest

The 15-day itinerary is almost identical with the different tour companies, with minor variations in what attractions are made available to you, or which stops they mention. Sometimes, what seems like an extra stop is one where your boat travels to while you are on a day excursion. You then board it at that second stop in the evening.

The morning stop in these cities is a “technical stop” and the ship leaves immediately after you have boarded a bus. For example, Koblenz isn’t a stop for our cruise – it is just a reference point that you go past in the morning.

Such stops are indented below.

  • Amsterdam
    • Kinderdijk (Viking)
    • Nijmegen (Lüftner)
    • Utrecht (TravelMarvel)
  • Köln (Cologne) – (TravelMarvel sails past Cologne)
    • Koblenz and Middle Rhine (Viking)
  • Bonn (only on TravelMarvel)
    • Drachenburg Castle (only on TravelMarvel)
    • Andernach (only on TravelMarvel and APT)
  • Rüdesheim am Rhein
  • Miltenberg
  • Wertheim
  • Würzburg (Option to see Rothenburg)
    • Kitzingen (APT)
  • Bamberg
  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
    • Kelheim (Evergreen and Lüftner)
  • Regensburg
    • Vilshofen (only on TravelMarvel)
  • Passau (Option to see Salzburg or Český Krumlov)
    • Linz (Evergreen and Lüftner)
  • Melk
    • Krems (Viking)
    • Dürnstein (Evergreen)
  • Wien (Vienna)
  • Bratislava (TravelMarvel and APT skip Bratislava, but give two days in Vienna)
  • Budapest

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