Bratislava Tour – Slovakia

3 July

New country today – Slovakia. Set on the crossroads of ancient trade routes in the heart of Europe, Bratislava the capital of Slovakia, embodies various cultures – primarily Celtic, Roman and Slavic.

Bratislava town square

08:45 – Disembarkation briefing.

09:45 – 10:15 – The ship docks near the city centre, so no bus was needed. We took in a walking tour of Bratislava in five groups including the enchanting Old City with its Town Hall, Mirbach Palace and the Gothic cathedral of St Martin.

St Martin's Cathedral
St Martin’s Cathedral


10:15 – 12:15 – Free time to look around. We chose to walk about 15 minutes to the Eurovea shopping centre, which is along the river bank. It is a modern, multi-storey structure.


14:15 – 17:30 – Today’s highlight was a home-hosted afternoon tea with a local Slovakian family. We were divided into several groups of about 12-14 and each group went to a different family. We went to the town of Šenkvice, northeast from Bratislava. It was a warm meeting with several members of this family and we were treated to samples of all the wines they produce on their little vineyard behind the house.

Šenkvice wine


18:30 Port Talk.

18:45 – In the evening the ship’s Captain hosted a Captain’s Farewell Cocktail (not a Captain’s Dinner). Strawberries were well featured in the dinner tonight.

Dessert on Emerald Sky

Some people who were staying in the “Owner Suites” were invited to the Captain’s table, although they had the same meal as us.

Captain's table
Captain’s table (from a video clip)
Gala dinner
Gala dinner – plates were all clean

Day by day

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