Nuremberg Tour

28 June

Today, we took in a sightseeing tour of the historic city of Nuremberg. We saw the storybook 900-year-old ramparts, the Imperial Castle and the Justice Palace where the War Crimes Tribunal sat in 1946.

Mein Kampf
Hitler was here

The city tour led us to the major sights, from the early beginnings to the present. On account of a car racing event, we could not see the Nazi party rally grounds, where rallies were held from 1933 until 1938 but we took a self–guided tour of the WWII Documentation Centre. Audio guide players make it easy to see each room at your own pace.

Nuremberg Documentation Centre
Nuremberg Documentation Centre


2:00 – After lunch on the ship, we took a shuttle bus to the town square and walked up to the Imperial Castle, from which there are good views across the city.

View from Imperial Castle
View of Nuremberg from Imperial Castle

We only had an hour until the next shuttle, so we walked across the city square before catching the bus back to the ship. There was some kind of event in the town square and we enjoyed seeing little children getting their lifetime bicycle licence after passing a test.

We could have caught the last shuttle an hour later, but chose to use some time to rest.

Nuremberg town square
Children getting their bicycle licence

16:45 – We left for Kelheim, which meant that the captain was confident about the river levels to get to Kelheim/Regensburg. Most of the other lines such as Uniworld, Viking and APT had transferred their passengers to other ships at Nuremberg. So far we escaped that inconvenience. There was a bit of rain in the evening, but we need a lot more to be confident of completing the voyage entirely by ship.

5:00 – We enjoyed a lecture about the EU from a guest presenter.

21:30 – Some passengers chose to watch the movie “Rush” in the theatre.

10:00 – We went through one of the three highest locks at Leerstetten (24.67 m) and were allowed on the Sun Deck for a champagne celebration. It takes quite a while for the ship to be raised to the top. Unlike the earlier locks where two gates swing open, here the gate goes down into the water before the ship can proceed.


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