UK, 12 to 18 June

12 June

Paris to Heathrow

We went to Terminal 2A at CDG to catch BA307, leaving at 10:55 am, arriving at Heathrow Terminal 5 at 11:15 am (there is a time zone difference of one hour).


The UK side trip was mainly to see relatives and some of the newer sights in London.

14 June

The highlight today was to see Windsor Castle. It takes just a short while to get inside and then the public areas can take as long as you have time. We only had an hour, but we made the most of it.

windsor castle
Windsor Castle

In the afternoon we moved from Aldershot to Hayes in Kent.

15 June

We saw the usual sights around Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. The guided tours are worth doing, especially if you get Bill Callaghan as the guide. He uses humour to good effect while pointing out the history of the place.

16 June

First stop this morning was the lookout at the top of The Shard. Fantastic views are to be had of London and environs.

View from the Shard
View from the Shard

Next was a detailed walk-through Westminster Abbey (where no photography is allowed). We paid extra to skip the line at the London Eye and it was worth it. The views are not as vast as from the Shard, but you get a closer look at the buildings near the Thames.

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

Later on, we visited Regent Street but as it didn’t hold any appeal to us, we turned a corner into Carnaby Street and tried to imagine it in the 1960s.

17 June

Our first stop this morning was the home of Sir Rudyard Kipling. It is named Bateman’s and is in Burwash, Sussex and is full of interesting exhibits about the life and times of the famous poet and writer.

Bateman’s – Home of Rudyard Kipling

We drove to Hastings on the South-Eastern coast of England and tried to imagine it during the war years as portrayed in Foyle’s War. It’s not far from the battle site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Hastings beach
Hastings beach

18 June

We went to St Pancras International train station to catch the Eurostar train to Paris. It goes through the Chunnel (tunnel under the English Channel). The station was restored a few years ago and is like a small airport in its facilities.

St Pancras
St Pancras International

We were in Paris in just over a couple of hours.

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